1. Introduction : This document explains the steps needed for the member to send SMS messages from Kartaba.

The Member should connect to Kartaba web server to a specific URL and upload a text file or an excel file containing the users phone numbers and message, use the SMS form to send SMS to an individual user, or use his own phone book to select to which user he would like to send SMS.


2. Required variables: In order to activate the service for the client, the following are needed:

User name        (minimum 6 characters)

Password          (minimum 6 characters).

Email and phone number of the contact person.

3. Usage: To access the service, the Client should request the following URL: http://www.kartaba.org/

Click on the SMS Services icon on the top of the page

Click on Login

Pass the following parameters:  Username : the member username.

                                                Password  : the member password.

After login the member can choose from many options as follows:





Click on the Browse button select from your PC the file you want to upload and then click upload.




 Supported text format:

Supported Excel Format:

 After sending the message, you will have to wait till the file will upload completely. A returned syntax containing the total number of SMS and the message sent will appear on your screen.



The Member can insert any set of phone numbers (009613xxxxxx) separated by comma, or click on the address book icon to select a number from the client phone book. The member can Insert his own message or click on the message icon to select from his predefined set of messages.

When clicking on the send button, the message will be automatically sent as an SMS to the numbers added.


        Phone Book




The Member can add a phone number using the add button:


The Member can edit a phone number, by choosing which number to edit:


And then update his changes by clicking on the save button to save our changes.

The member can delete a phone number by choosing which number to delete.

The member can add a group by click on the “Add Group” button:

Select the group name the client want to add, and click on “ADD to Table”. Then select the group and select the phone numbers the client want to add to the group.


After selecting all the numbers the client want to send an SMS to click on SEND SMS button that will automatically redirect to the SMS page where the client can choose the message to be sent.



Use this page to add set of predefined message. The member can add, edit, or delete a message. By selecting a message and clicking on SEND SMS the member will be automatically redirected to the SMS page where he can choose the phone number he wishes to send the message to.



This page will display all the transaction made by the user. By clicking on a message the member will get its detailed information. The phone numbers that the message have been sent with the date and time.




The cost page will display the total number of SMS sent for the last three month and their appropriate total cost.




Clicking on logout will log the client out from the web application. If the client stays for a long time with no action in the application the client need to logout and then login again.


The above Help Details are the courtesy of Mobiliban, thanking them for there assistance